Thursday, June 23, 2011

"FRAGILE" - My Entry for the Decorate A Shoe Contest

One of the fun activities at the Music Festival & Fine Arts Fair being held this Saturday from 10am to 4pm at the Mount Juliet Senior Center is a "Decorate A Shoe" Contest.

There's been a lot of interest and I can totally guarantee some really creative entries. Plan on stopping by this Saturday and vote for your favorite shoe. Votes are .25 each, so pick many favorites and vote often. Voting proceeds go to the Mount Juliet Senior Center.

Here's a picture of my entry. My friend, Ashley gave me the idea to decorate a "Barbie" shoe since I'm on a roll with making "Barbie" furniture anyway. And Amy, my daughter-in-law, gave me the title, "Fragile." That's pronounced, FRA-GI-LEE, with the accent on the "GI." For those "Christmas Story" fans, you'll know just what I'm talking about.

For those interested, greeting cards and postcards of this print are available at:*

(Note: I'd like to thank the Barbie who sacrificed her leg to make this possible.)

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