My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey by Deborah Carman

I want to begin my story with a heart-felt thank you to all who have supported me in so many ways when my journey began and as it continues. We have not carried this burden alone. Prayers and support have been our continual uplifting and we want to thank you all.

We certainly weren't expecting this turn of events, but we realize that God has been with us all during this healing journey. I am thrilled to say that He has graciously healed me and continues to do so. Let me also say that I am reminded on a daily basis that there are many others who are struggling with their own illnesses. With that in mind, I hope my story can be of help to them.

Breast cancer was the last thing on my mind. My life was full, busy and except for a few minor issues, sickness rarely darkened my door. I took vitamins and knew about healthy habits of diet and exercise. And even though I didn’t always eat healthily or exercise regularly, I thought I was okay. I wasn’t a smoker nor did I drink alcohol. I did have about 35 extra pounds on me but who doesn’t put on a little weight as they get older?

So, imagine my surprise one late September, 2017 morning when upon my waking, cancer made its bold appearance! There was no mistaking the not so subtle change in my left breast. I could feel the tumor and see the redness forming. It seemed to have appeared overnight. The fact is that, unbeknownst to me, it had been developing in my body for a long while.

Scrambling to find a doctor, I was referred to a surgeon downtown Nashville. Following tests and biopsies, it was confirmed.  I was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer. The cancer tumors were in my breast and had metastasized to the lymph nodes under my left arm as well as the skin covering my left breast.

How could this have happened? Ignorance is bliss until it comes crashing down on you. I wasn’t okay after all. Looking back, I see where I ignored several signals my body was giving me, asking me to pay attention.

The body is an amazing thing. It is very resilient but after taking a beating for an over extended period of time, it becomes exhausted.  I have learned that God, in his wisdom, created our bodies with an immune system to continually deal with anything foreign that is not beneficial to it like tiny misbehaving cancer cells. These wayward cells pop up all the time throughout our lives. The trouble comes when chronic inflammation gets out of control. It creates havoc for the immune’s repair system and it can no longer stay ahead of the game.  The body becomes overwhelmed with the load resulting in cancer cells being able to flourish.

Needless to say, after my diagnosis it took a while for the shock to wear off. Our minds were reeling, and our hearts were heavy. And we were trying not to panic.

We serve a mighty God and He is our refuge. We sought Him out in prayer like never before. In Proverbs 2:6 it says that wisdom comes from the Lord. And James 1:5 says if we lack wisdom we should ask God to give it to us. We needed wisdom. We knew there were choices that needed to be made, life-changing choices, and we wanted to get it right the first time.

I began researching my options. Today's world of internet makes it a lot easier than it used to be. But there's a lot to sift through. Thankfully, the Lord put Chris Wark's website, in front of me. Chris created his "Square One" Healing Cancer coaching program after recovering from his own stage 3 colon cancer. (He just happened to be airing the first of ten modules of his program that very night. Talk about immediate answered prayer!)

His program helped me with the emotions I was experiencing, and it gave me direction on things I could do for myself. The first thing I learned from Chris was instead of letting myself dive into the depths of despair because I had cancer, I, instead, could consider this a tap on the shoulder, telling me that I needed to change some things in my life. He also reminded me that our bodies were created to heal themselves - it just needed the tools to allow it to do so. I appreciated this reminder.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, I was recommended to do the usual conventional treatments, namely, targeted immunotherapy drugs called Herceptin and Perjeta (monoclonal antibody drugs used for my specific type of breast cancer), combined with some heavy-duty chemotherapy drugs called Taxotere and Carboplatin along with all the extra medications and steroids that help with the many devastating side effects from the chemotherapy. Then a mastectomy would be performed, most likely followed by radiation, to make sure they "got it all." Later, down the road, I could consider re-constructive surgery if I wanted to.

For many years prior to my own turn of events I had watched as others followed conventional treatments and I didn't like what I saw. I've always had a problem with chemotherapy because of the massive devastation it does to healthy cells and I didn’t want to barrage my already taxed body with it. So, after much prayer and more research, we decided against this line of treatment, including no mastectomy. I couldn’t speak for others who are dealing with this type of cancer, but for myself I felt that if I took the heavy duty chemotherapy prescribed, that it would be the treatment that would kill me rather than the illness.

I'd also learned that I needed to change my diet and lifestyle to give my overtaxed immune system the chance it needed to get better and be able to do its job well. Ultimately, through the coinciding recommendation by my doctor in Germany (more about that later), I also chose to receive the immunotherapy drugs but without the heavy dose chemo. They are specific to my type of cancer and I am very pleased to say they have been a part of my healing.

Through my research, we quickly learned that it's usually not just one thing that can defeat our health. The first thing was to change my diet to one that didn't feed cancer. I eliminated sugar, dairy and animal products from my diet. And I began juicing fresh vegetable juices daily. (Resource links below)

At the same time, we began making some much needed repairs around the house that we discovered were contributing to my cancer. Our roof was leaking and we also found, to our dismay, that we had a sewage leak under our master bathroom for about six months without us knowing. Yikes!

We immediately had the leaks repaired. We also felt the need to purchase air filters so we did and placed them throughout our home in order to improve the air quality.

We knew how important drinking filtered water was and were thankful that we had already made that investment by purchasing a Berkey water filter system several years back. 

Another thing I addressed was the stress in my life. A lot of mine was self-induced. I put myself under a lot of pressure staying very busy with my many interests and trying to "make things happen" to try to better our lives financially. I've since re-evaluated and have taken a step back from several things that were adding pressure to my life.

After researching it and through the help of my brother, we purchased and started using a Rife machine. It is basically a machine that sends electronic frequencies through the body. Different frequencies work on different ailments by killing off the "bad" cells while not hurting the good ones. See the link below for more information.

A lot of changes had been made but as February, 2018 arrived, I was in need of a miracle. My cancer was aggressive and being diagnosed late in the game, the cancer cells were reproducing faster than I could manage on my own. Since my diagnosis five months prior, my pain especially due to the cancer affecting the skin covering my breast had increased exponentially and was interrupting my sleep as well as my ability to stay sane. With very little sleep and constant itching pain I was desperate. We pleaded for God to intervene (my eyes are welling up with tears just remembering). A day later He provided the needed help through friends who introduced me to a product called ASEA Redox signaling water and topical gel. The scientific research of redox signaling has won 7 Nobel prizes in the last few years. I can truly say it was a God-send and made such a remarkable difference for me, reducing the level of pain tremendously. Halleluiah, I could cope again! 

As I continued to research, I learned of many different alternative non-toxic treatments for cancer. Some are available in United States but others are not. That's when my husband and I began researching what an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Germany had to offer. The Arcadia Clinic offers many potent, non-toxic cancer treatments that the United States does not offer and after praying about whether we should pursue this course of action, we decided we would. Not everyone is able to travel and do what I did and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. My first appointment with Dr. Saupe was via Skype soon after I had faxed him all my reports and information.

Because my cancer was aggressive and caught at a late stage, he concurred with my doctor here that I needed to start the targeted immunotherapy drugs that I could receive here in the states, even before coming to the clinic. So, with that said, we set in motion the first drug infusion here as well as travel to the Arcadia Clinic in Bad Emstal, Germany.

The thought of being a client in this clinic for three weeks was hopeful and exciting but traveling to another country required passports of which we had none! Again, the Lord worked it out for us using family, friends, medical staff and even complete strangers to help us. We quickly put our applications in for expedited passports. My brother-in-law began the search for flights and provided our transportation for us. My sister made arrangements to travel with me and stay the first two weeks, after which she returned home and my husband came and stayed with me the final week.

While there, I was able to take advantage of many non-toxic therapies, including whole body and local hyperthermia; magnesium, high dose vitamin C, curcumin, artusenate and shogaol (ginger extract) infusions; laser therapy/PDT (photo dynamic therapy); magnetic field therapy; oxygen therapy; IPT (insulin potentiated therapy); physical therapy; massage and detoxing treatments.

With prayers and financial support from our many friends and loved ones, I can't tell you how much we were blessed! The Arcadia Clinic and what it offered to me was a blessing and I thank God for enabling me to go there.

Returning home, I picked up where I left off with regard to receiving the immune drug therapy, Herceptin/Perjeta which I receive every three weeks through an IV. I am asking the Lord for wisdom to know how long I should stay on these drugs as they do have their side effects. My oncologist recommended I stay on them for the rest of my life or until my body can’t tolerate them any longer. We are praying for the Lord to help us know when or if to close that door.

Although no longer vegan, I continue to eat a mostly plant-based diet with some eggs, fish and meat (preferably organic) added. I juice fresh vegetables almost daily and I limit my dairy to a small amount. I stay away from sugar with the exception of a little honey or real maple syrup and I’ve learned how to make “quark” (a type of cottage cheese) to use with the Budwig Protocol recipe and am enjoying it very much.

I receive high-dose vitamin C IV therapy several times a month and I also continue to use the Rife machine therapy. We purchased a whole-body hyperthermia sauna and with the help of my husband, I use it three to four times a month. I continue to use nutritional supplements recommended by my doctors and after being tested for nutritional deficiencies this has become more specific rather than a guessing game. I continue to drink ASEA water and use the ASEA topical gel. (Resource links below)

With much gratitude I am happy to say that my last CT scan confirmed what we already knew - no tumors in the breast or in the lymph nodes. They just melted away! Thank you, Lord! My skin cancer has healed remarkably. I am no longer in any pain and apart from some of the side effects of the immunotherapy drugs, I am doing very well.

Thank you again for those of you who held my name up in prayer and never hesitated to help us in any way that we needed,
Bill and Deborah Carman

May 2019 Update: 

I am still receiving Herceptin/Perjeta IV therapy administered via IV drip every three weeks which means that I have been on these drugs for one year. Side effects have continued but are manageable. My last echocardiogram and CT scan showed good results with no cancer growth.
I originally lost 45 lbs. and have since gained 10 back which puts me at a good weight for my height and stature. My diet is not as strict as it was originally which is probably expected since it was very strict. But, I must say that when I compromise too much, it becomes a slippery slope and on more than one occasion, I have had to reel myself back in. We still juice fresh vegetable juices but just three times a week rather than every day. I also use “Barleylife” and “Living Fuel” among other green drinks on alternate days. I continue to use supplements recommended by my naturopath doctor and I am still using ASEA. I’ve also added a product called “Restore” to my protocol. See the link below for information on this product.

I have discontinued my vitamin C IV therapy (only because it is very expensive) and have increased my oral vitamin C along with ginger extract capsules.

I use the Rife machine sporadically and try to get some type of exercise in almost every day. We also use the hyperthermia sauna every other week as it is important for detoxing. I have also found that resting is a must. I have learned to “give in” to going to bed when I think it’s way too early to do so.

I continue to be grateful and hopefully express that in my words and actions.
Deborah Carman

“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” 2 Corinthians 9:15

March 2020 Update:

Much time has passed and life has changed.
God has stayed faithful to me through it all but words are hard to come by even now. Please forgive my briefness in my update until I am able to go into more detail.

July 2019 brought news that the two IV drugs, Herceptin and Perjeta had damaged my heart, which is one of the side effects that happens to about 25% of patients on these particular drugs. They were stopped and I was referred to a heart specialist.

That same month, the Lord called my dear husband of 47 years home to heaven. We were all stunned. He had been my rock and my prayer warrior through all this turmoil. He was 66 years old. We held a beautiful memorial service for him. Our three sons spoke at his funeral. 

Over time my heart damage healed and my oncologist recommended my going back on the two targeted immunotherapy drugs but I chose not to right away. Eight months later I finally resolved to go back on them because the breast skin was thickening once again and starting to be troublesome. Since my last bone scan was two years prior, a bone scan along with a CT scan and another echocardiogram was arranged and I started back on treatment March 16, 2020. Immediately, I saw much improvement and will continue on the meds every 3 weeks all the while, monitoring my heart with regular echocardiograms.

I've learned about and started a protocol through my naturopath that employs off label drugs. I continue to use hyperthermia sauna and I started back on Vitamin C IVs about twice a month. I rarely eat meat and mostly eat a Mediterranean diet along with some eggs. I continue to juice and drink healthy smoothies, ASEA and Restore on occasion as well as lots of supplements.  

March 2021 Update:
Another year has passed and I am so blessed to be in good health and dealing well with all that life has presented itself to be. It's been an interesting year with moving across town and living on my own, the madness of Covid and once again, a change in my oncology protocol. According to CT scans done every 6 months, I continue to be tumor free in both breast and lymph nodes but my issue lies in the cancer-affected skin across my chest. That is what continues to be a mainstay battle for me. I am grateful that the Her2+ drugs that have helped me. But as sometimes does happen, the Herceptin/Perjeta stopped working for me and it was suggested that I change to a secondary method of treatment called Trastuzumab emtansine, otherwise named Kadcyla. It's administered in IV form every three weeks just as my previous med was. The changeover was painless and seems to be the right thing to do for I am doing very well on this new treatment. My heart continues to be monitored and according to my last report, it has improved greatly and working strong. I'm also still seeing my naturopath, implementing his suggestions for supplements and Vita-C IVs. I've just recently had a nutritional evaluation done, free to medicare patients, to help with knowing my personal vitamin and mineral needs.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea"

                                                                                                                                                       Psalm 46:1-3

Pictures of my stay at Arcadia Clinic, Germany:
Arcadia Clinic
Hyperthermia Sauna Therapy - Yes, that's Me

Two of my sweet nurses

My new friend, Charlotte, from Denmark
Shopping and Café Excursion

My sister, Vicky and Me
My husband, Bill and Me

My son and daughter-in-law (visiting me from China!)

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