Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Studio - Getting Organized!

For a long time I have managed to stay half-way organized with my fine art, Barbie furniture and craft projects. But things went awry as they often do when space and organizational challenges arise and I was desperate to get my act together as much as I could. Painting is a wonderful, exciting and creative adventure. It was time I created a wonderful, exciting place that I could be creative in.

A corner in my sunroom had served as my art space for a long while but that day the bookshelf, makeshift table and easel looked just sad and out of place. It was time for a change - a change that meant a more creative atmosphere to work in with more organization and definitely more light!

So I went to work. The dark curtains came down and were replaced with light and cheery sheers and pinwheel design curtains. The old table and chairs went out and two new light colored wood tables along with four modern chairs took their place. For organization, I attached my display racks against the wall, changed my tired bookshelf for a newly painted one, invested in some drawer cabinets and purchased the sweetest little turquoise rolling shelf to hold my mason jars of brushes, pens and pencils, etc.

The final touch was attaching a line of wire across each cornice board with clips to hang my recent works.

Painting Class

Every month for the past year, I have enjoyed teaching a watercolor class to some lovely seniors at The Provision Living Center in Hermitage. The classes came to an end last month but my memories will stay with me. Thank you, Marianne Harter, for allowing me that opportunity.

Open Studio

I treated myself to a few sessions of "Open Studio" with my artist friend, Christine Pilkinton. She is an art instructor in the area and invited me to join her students in an open studio. We drew and painted using a live model rather than a photograph. It was great fun. There were a total of nine artists that participated. I rarely have the opportunity to paint from a live model so when Christine offered this series of studio time, I jumped at the chance. We had three different models and each session was unique, as were the drawings and paintings that we all produced. Here are a few pictures.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Surprise for Christmas...

I love surprises. That's what made this commission piece very special. My friend, Ron Perry wanted to surprise his lovely wife, Lillian, with a portrait gift of their 16 year old great- granddaughter. Working incognito, he was able to provide me with a photograph of the lovely teenager. It was a joy working on this piece, especially knowing that it was to be a gift of love. Thanks Ron, for this opportunity and thank you Lillian, for your lovely words of appreciation.

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